About the leather

gcoulee only makes unique and exclusive accessories made of genuine leather, all of our products are made with real snakeskin leather proved it to be extremely durable.

After 2 years of sourcing for the best quality exotic leather supplier, gcoulee met a company that's been focused in this field for over 50 years with offices in 3 different continents, they farm most of the snakes, and some are taking from the wild. The technique of tanning unique snakeskin leather into fine leather-based entails several intricate steps. 

The unique leather is divided into very small batches as each Snakeskin needs to be refined for a long time. steady inspection: The production of unique hide requires constant inspection and tagging as per prevailing regulations.


Leather bleaching: The unique Snake Leather is bleached to eliminate pigmentation on the surface of the skins. The treatment forms a brown crust area that is basically a colorless skin, ready for tanning and finishing in any preferred color.

This process utilizes many dangerous ingredients which require sufficient ventilation, equipment, and storage tools to ensure accuracy and security. Liming and de-liming process: Once the animal skin is bleached, the lime powder is used to eliminate the epidermal coating through a sophisticated process. Once this level is eliminated, ammonium chloride is used for removing the liming properties.

Drying technique: There are three levels of drying a tanned unique skin to precision, the crust, the color, and the finish. The tanned leather needs to be stretched tightly forcing the edges to dry flat.

The skins are then dried at low temperatures with little humidity to bring out the best top quality unique hide leather-based. High-temperature drying can cause shrinking and consequence in harder leather. overview After the completion of the extremely lengthy tanning process and production of finished hides, the product is colored. The coloring delivers a rich and a luxury look to the all-around product. 

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